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False ICE reports and detaining U.S. citizens



A new report by the University of Syracuse just released an analysis that shows that only 2.8% of the 270,000 cases filed at immigration courts have “criminal activity” cited. This contradicts the statements made by thecurrent ICE director, Matthew Ablence who has stated that, “Approximately 90 percent of ERO’s administrative arrests in the interior of the country are of aliens that have prior criminal convictions, face pending criminal charges, are immigration fugitives or have been previously removed from the country and have illegally reentered.”

This concludes that the grand majority of people being detained and deported back to their native countries are not criminals, but everyday immigrants looking for opportunity. The ICE directors statements misleads congress and it mainly misleads the American people into believing that ICE is deporting criminals. When in fact they are deporting our neighbors, friends, and family with no real criminal history.

Our very own Abogado Ray, who is the leading immigration attorney at the firm has stated, “most people that are being detained and deported are gardeners, construction workers, and cooks”. The reason why the ICE report states that 90% of these people are “convicted criminal” is because they have entered the country illegally. However, other than that most immigrants that are deported have no other criminal background, and are sadly being labeled as dangerous and harmful.

A report by, The Washington Post and many other studies have found that illegal immigrants are far less likely to commit crimes than native born citizens. The majority of immigrants that come to the United States are only in search for a better life for themselves and their families. To avoid the hardships of poverty and violence they face in their country of origin.


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Victory in the Arizona Supreme Court! Such an honor to stand in front of Arizona’s highest court and argue for Mr. Nuñez-Diaz, his family, and the entire immigrant community in Arizona. The State argued that undocumented immigrants are not entitled to the protections of the United States Constitution and the AZ Supreme Court “granted review to consider whether deportable immigrants can show prejudice if their lawyers’ deficient performances lead them to plead guilty and suffer attendant immigration consequences – a recurring issue of statewide importance.”

Happy to report they ruled in our favor. Yes, our community does have the right to effective assistance of counsel and we will walk into any courtroom, any day of the week, to defend that right. A victory of this magnitude, of course,took our entire team and then some. Amazing brief writing by Juliana Manzanarez and much respect to every single one of our team members who worked on the case and held down the fort so we could put the time necessary into preparing for argument. (Angeles Maldonado, Carina Guillén, Janet Rocha, Aarón A López Anchondo, Lizeth Escalante, Mari Cruz, Lucy Sproule, Ana Guzman, Lerman Montoya). And a special shout out to Jazmin Alagha who filed original Rule 32 in Superior Court! Also thanks to amicus attorneys Keith and David who provided tremendous support.

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