Leslie Palomera
Departamento: Inmigración
Correo electrónico: salvador@abogadoray.com

Salvador Macias was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  Like many in our community, Salvador lived with the constant fear of deportation.  Thanks to the sacrifice of his parents as well as strong mentors, this fear was harnessed into positive outcomes and fueled his leadership schools.  During his time in high school he was very involved in the Arizona Association of Student Councils and rose to student body president.  He then attended Arizona State University and joined Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc.  He graduated with a B.A. in Political Science, a B.A. in Transborder Chicano/a Latino/a Studies and a minor in Spanish.

After graduation he began to work with AGUILA Youth Leadership Institute, a non-profit that aids high school students pursue their college education.  It was this very program that motivated him when college access seemed farfetched.  After being inspired by the students he worked with, he decided to attend the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University to seek his JD.  He graduated in 2017 and received the 2017 Ed Pastor Outstanding Graduate Award.

As an immigration attorney, Salvador wants to consume information and fight for our Families’ American Dream.  Through his involvement with Los Abogados and the Hispanic National Bar Association, he hopes to build networks and give voice to our communities. Salvador thinks back to the words engraved in his soul, “I pledge allegiance…” He’s reminded of the individuals who have shaped this country. They were beaten, ridiculed and discredited but they overcame. They pushed forward when times seemed bleakest, and they sewed their story into this beautiful American tapestry. It’s this same grit that he sees in our community. We will persevere; we are Americans, and we will also contribute to its story.