Evelin Hernandez

Director of Family Satisfaction

Born and raised in New Mexico, Evelin attended New Mexico State University and obtained her Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Criminal Justice. In the future, she wishes to obtain her masters degree in the same field. She recently moved to Arizona from a small town in New Mexico, very close to the border. Being the daughter of Mexican immigrant parents, her first language was Spanish and she had to go through the tough transition of learning a new language when she started school, as many children of the migrant community do. “It feels great to be able to not only help people who need us in difficult times but to be able to communicate with them in Spanish and have them express themselves comfortably to you”. Evelin knows the importance of hard work and strives to continue growing as a person. “Quiero dejar mi granito de arena en el corazón de mi gente y en todas partes del mundo.” Evelin enjoys family time and spending time with the her dog, Chipper.