Lindsey Avalos
Department: Legal

Lindsey Avalos joined our team with a very extensive criminal defense and personal injury background. She received her Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies and has been a paralegal for approximately 13 years. Her career is one of her absolute greatest passions in life. She started out her profession as a paralegal at a small personal injury law firm and then moved on to Maricopa County as a clerk in Justice Court before being promoted to the Public Defender’s Office where she spent 6 years of her career. She worked with a felony trial group and assisted in dozens of trials! Everything from simple burglary to high profile homicide and sex cases. Since then, she moved on to doing contract work, which led her to meeting and working with Attorney Jazmin Alagha, Esq.

Lindsey is extremely passionate about criminal defense work and is a firm believer that everyone deserves a fair and aggressive defense. She strongly believes that most clients are good people who have occasionally made bad decisions, and this should not deter them from obtaining the best legal counsel.

One of Lindsey’s primary beliefs is that our role is especially important in the Hispanic community when it comes to personal injury cases. Often, members in our community don’t know who to call or where to start the legal process of obtaining the adequate assistance in their personal injury matters.

Lindsey is happily married to a Mexican Citizen who has able to adjust to his legal status through marriage. They are high school sweethearts and are proud parents of 5 boys. “Much of my husband’s family is still undocumented and unable to adjust their status due to current immigration laws. I try to constantly impress upon my kids the importance of education and activism, not to take anything for granted because as they are getting driver’s licenses and applying to colleges, their cousins [and many other kids like them] are not able to do so due to their legal status.”

Whether it’s criminal, immigration or personal injury, she believes that everyone deserves a voice and it is our job to be that voice.