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Average Personal Injury Settlement Amounts

If you’ve been in an accident and received injuries, you may be eligible for a personal injury settlement. Many people who get into accidents are unaware of the average personal injury settlement amounts that are available to them. When considering making a personal injury claim, the value of your claim is likely the first thing you’ll want to know.

Though no two cases are the same, you can typically get an estimate based off of the average personal injury settlement amounts from other cases. In this post, the Phoenix car accident attorneys at Ybarra Maldonado Law Firm can help you determine what you can expect from your settlement in Arizona. 

How Much Can You Get From A Personal Injury Claim?

Like we mentioned before, no two cases are the same. This means that no two settlement amounts are going to be the same, either. The value of your claim depends on several factors that apply to your specific case. The factors that determine your amount in compensation include the cost of medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

A less serious case may settle for only a few thousand dollars, but for more serious cases, that number increases significantly. It can be hard to give a proper estimate without first talking with a professional about the specifics of your case. However, the average personal injury settlement amounts could range anywhere from $5000 to $80,000. 

These numbers are both extremes on the spectrum of settlement compensation amounts. Most cases will more than likely fall somewhere in between these two numbers. There are exceptions, though. Some personal injury cases may even reach amounts in the millions. Of course, these are generally reserved for very unique and extreme cases. To determine the value of your case, talk with one of our experienced professionals today.

Personal Injury Settlement Amounts Examples

To determine the amount you might receive from a personal injury case, you must first consider the aspects of the case. Let’s focus on the factors that most affect your case. These are medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Medical bills can pile up quickly. Ambulance fees, ER expenses, prescriptions, surgery, and ongoing treatment all play into the amount you’re able to receive. Let’s say you are in a car accident and need immediate medical attention. The average cost for an ambulance ride in Phoenix is $860. You also need ER treatment for a broken bone as well as prescriptions and ongoing care. For the nonsurgical treatment of a broken arm or leg, you may be looking at a $2500 bill. Your lawyer will add up all the expenses as well as potential future costs. They will then request that you get reimbursed for all this. 

Your car received quite a bit of damage. You’re looking at somewhere around $12,000 in repair costs. Because of your injury, you also had to miss a month of work, which cost you $3000 in wages. By providing proof from previous pay stubs, you can receive compensation for this lost income. 

In addition to this, you seek a payout for the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the accident. Because there is no bill to base this amount off of, it can be harder to estimate. Let’s say your doctor claims it will take you 6 months to recover. Your lawyer may request you receive $250 each day for the pain and suffering experienced. This, multiplied by the number of days it will take to recover, ends up being $46,000. 

In this scenario, you might be looking at a settlement amount reaching around $65,000. For cases involving back and spine injuries, these numbers may differ greatly. We recommend reading our blog entry about the average settlement for car accident back injury cases.

What Percentage Does A Lawyer Get In A Settlement Case?

In personal injury cases, many attorneys will not charge a fee unless you end up winning a settlement. In that case, they will charge a contingency fee calculated based on the amount you receive. From that amount, they will deduct any additional amounts covered during the claim process. 

The percentage that a lawyer takes from a settlement often depends on the complexity of the case and can fluctuate based on that. The length of time that it takes to settle also plays into the percentage that they’ll take. 

The most a lawyer can take from your settlement is 33.33% of your settlement amount. This is not a set number, as he or she may take less. However, they cannot take any more than that 33.33%. 

What is the Difference Between A Settlement and a Trial Verdict?

A settlement and a verdict are not the same thing. In fact, they entail quite different circumstances. The biggest difference between the two is when and where they occur. Settlements are agreements that happen before the case goes to trial. They also occur outside of a courtroom. This is when both parties agree to a certain amount of money to cover your personal injury. You and your lawyer will establish the number you feel you ought to receive in damages, and the other party will need to agree that it is an acceptable amount.

A trial verdict does not rely on this agreement. Instead, it gets left up to a jury to determine what is fair and reasonable. Oftentimes, a trial verdict amount tends to be higher in number than a settlement. However, it is a much longer process and will take significantly longer for you to receive the money. 

There is also the chance that you won’t receive compensation for your damages at all. This isn’t very likely, but with a trial verdict that risk is always present. If you’re looking for a quick, more certain process, a settlement may be in your best interest as opposed to a trial verdict. 

Average Time To Settle A Personal Injury Case

Similar to how it’s impossible to accurately determine a settlement amount, it is just as hard to determine how long it might take. There are several factors that go into the lifespan of your case. The most influential factor is the severity of your accident and injury. If you are still receiving ongoing treatment, you won’t know the extent of your medical bills. 

Complicated injuries can take much longer to reach a settlement than less complex injuries. A minor injury that heals quickly can settle in as little as a few weeks. With major injuries, though, you might be looking at a year or two before you reach a proper settlement.

The best way to ensure your case moves at the quickest possible rate is to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon after your accident as possible.  

Personal Injury Settlements In Arizona

If you received a personal injury in the Phoenix area, you may be able to receive compensation for your damages. The best way to determine average personal injury settlement amounts is to speak with a lawyer directly. At Ybarra Maldonado Law Group, we are ready to discuss the specifics of your case at any time. We will help walk you through the legal process and give you our best estimate for what you may receive in a settlement. Call or text us today at 602-910-4040 or fill out our free consultation form here.

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