About Us

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, The Law Office of Ray A. Ybarra Maldonado, focuses exclusively in the areas of criminal, immigration, and personal injury law. We have a reputation of bringing about favorable results for those we represent. We provide thorough, comprehensive and aggressive representation. Mr. Ray A. Ybarra Maldonado founded LRYM to become a different type of Law Firm. He is a Stanford educated attorney with an intact reputation and best known in the legal community for his integrity, professionalism, and passion for human rights.

If you have been arrested, or are facing criminal charges, you need the representation of an aggressive experienced attorney you can trust. There are many lawyers in Maricopa County, but when it comes to the Latino community, there are few you can trust to understand the intricate details of your immigration status and how your criminal matter can impact your immigration one. This is why the Law Office of Ray A. Ybarra Maldonado, PLC offers a holistic approach to analyzing your legal matter. We have been incredibly effective in providing representation to non-citizens in criminal cases so that the end result of the criminal case will not result in deportation or other negative immigration consequences.

If you have been the victim of an accident, and have been harmed physically or psychologically by the negligent acts of another, we analyze your case, evaluate your options, and assist you in filing a lawsuit so that your medical expenses are paid for. We understand and know insurance companies, and will fight and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you can spend more time healing with your family, than worrying about your legal matter. We are committed to winning every case we take. See our practice areas to learn more about personal injury.

We are committed to winning every case we take.

The Law Office of Ray A. Ybarra Maldonado provides a range of services from family based petitions to complex cases that involve creative litigation and require innovative motions and legal research. Mr. Ybarra Maldonado brings years of experience handling complex cases and is dedicated to winning your case whether on a factual basis or on a technicality, we review every detail of your case–we are committed to win. Mr. Ybarra Maldonado is an elite attorney who has attained Not Guilty Verdicts in Federal, State, and Municipal Courts as well as winning cases in Immigration Court. If you have been told that your case is too difficult to win, or cannot be won, LRYM welcomes the challenge.

Our Mission

Reuniting Families, Keeping them Together

The LRYM goal is to be the best law firm for Spanish speaking community in Arizona. Our mission is to fight each and everyday to reunite families, and keep them together. Our Team members ensure success by treating those who come through our doors not like clients, but like family. We provide aggressive, innovative litigation and fight cases that impact not only the families we serve, but the entire Latino community.

Our Values

Migration is a Human Right

LRYM firmly believes that human mobility via migration is a human right.  We understand that we are located in one of the most anti-immigrant, racist states in the country and many of our cases are very difficult to win.  However, we also believe that every human being has a right to travel across boundaries to find work and to support themselves and their families.  We believe our communities are under attack for exercising this fundamental right to migration.  Subsequently, our Law Firm is committed to fighting every case with this context in mind, and with the goal of fighting not just deportations, but the ideologies behind policies and processes that continue to oppress and hurt communities of color.