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Abogado Ray on CNN with Brooke Baldwin

Abogado Ray was live on CNN with Brooke Baldwin on August 19 to discuss about one of his immigration clients, Maria Domingo Garcia. Maria was detained by ICE during one of the largest ICE raids in American history in Mississippi; now infamously known as the “Mississippi ICE raids.” Maria who is a mother of 3 was taken into ICE custody and transported to Jena, Louisiana to be held at a detention center there to be processed and deported. However, what ICE did not know was that Maria was also a breastfeeding mother of a 4 month old baby girl named, Jacqueline.

ICE has refused to release Maria Domingo Garcia even despite the clear humanitarian consequences that can come from baby Jacqueline not being breastfeed by her mother. Ray has now been on a mission to help Maria get released and be united with her daughter. And to also give more media attention to this issue as it just not affects families like Maria’s, but also for many others who have separated due to family separations at the border and deportations.

ICE has claimed that they had no knowledge of Maria breastfeeding and that Maria had never told them that she was. However, Maria after to have spoken with Abogado Ray claims that she was never asked by ICE officers if she was breastfeeding; and that they come in and out of where she is being held with no explanations or opportunities for conversations to ask about her situation. ICE has stated that they will continue to keep Maria detained as she never stated at the time of her arrest that she was breastfeeding.

Abogado Ray is committed to helping Maria as clearly ICE is incompetent to realize the grativity of Maria and her babies circumstances. Abogado Ray has taken Maria as a pro bono case just wanting to help a baby girl who is in desperate need of her mother. Abogado Ray hopes that he can get Maria out on bond to be able to fight her case in the courts and do justice for Maria and her family.

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