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111 Examples of Green Card Interview Questions

What Is a Green Card Interview?

green card interview questions 2023

A Green Card interview happens when the United States government meets with an applicant to verify the information provided on the application. It can also be referred to as an immigrant visa interview.

When Does the Green Card Interview Happen?

2023 green card interview questions

The Green Card interview is the final step of the process and will happen between 7 to 15 months after the application has been filed. The interview will occur at the applicant’s local United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office or the U.S. Embassy or Consulate closest to the applicant. If you are applying from outside the United States, you will go through a process known as consular processing.

How to Prepare for Your Marriage Green Card Interview

The overall purpose of the marriage-based Green Card interview is to prove that the marriage is legitimate. The interviewer will ask questions about your marriage, relationship, daily activities, future plans, and more. When preparing for your Green Card interview, it’s best to research possible questions the interviewer will ask. You will also be required to bring documents to your marriage-based green card interview. You will need photo identification and passports, work or travel permits, and proof of marriage – rental agreements or mortgages, utility bills, joint bank statements, and other relevant documents that prove your marriage is bona fide.

If you or your spouse is concerned about the interview, it’s best to reach out to an immigration attorney before attending the interview. The attorneys at Ybarra Maldonado Law Group have years of experience fighting for the rights of immigrants and their families struggling to stay together in the United States.

Who Needs to Be at the Green Card Interview?

Both spouses must attend the interview when applying for a marriage-based Green Card. You will usually be interviewed with your spouse in the same room unless there is suspicion that the marriage is fraudulent. A translator may also be present if one of you is not fluent in English.

2023 Sample Questions for a Marriage-Based Green Card Interview

green card interview question examples

The marriage-based Green Card interview will primarily involve questions about your relationship. Other questions during the interview may be about your plans and daily activities. Some of the questions may be more personal in nature, so it’s best to be as candid as possible. Listed below are examples of green card interview questions and topics that may come up during the interview. If you ever feel uncomfortable with a question that is asked, you can politely decline to answer.

Questions About the Relationship

  1. When did your relationship turn romantic?
  2. Where did you go on your first date?
  3. How long were you two dating before you decided to get married?
  4. Where was your spouse working when you met?
  5. When did you meet each other’s parents? When did you meet your spouse’s family?
  6. Did your family members approve of your relationship?
  7. How many brothers and sisters does your spouse have?
  8. Did you live together before you were married?
  9. How far into the relationship did you realize you wanted to get married?
  10. When and where did you propose?
  11. What activities do you like to do for fun as a married couple?
  12. Are you planning on having children? If so, how many children would you like to have?

Questions About the Wedding

  1. When did you decide to get married?
  2. Where was the wedding held?
  3. When was the wedding ceremony?
  4. How many guests attended your wedding?
  5. How many people were at your wedding party?
  6. Did both of your parents attend the wedding day?
  7. What kind of music did you play at your wedding?
  8. Did you serve liquor at your wedding reception?
  9. What kind of food did you serve at your wedding reception?
  10. Did you go on a honeymoon?
  11. Where was your honeymoon?
  12. Who chose the honeymoon destination?

Daily Routine and Living Questions

  1. What time do you and your spouse get up in the morning?
  2. Who makes breakfast in the morning?
  3. What is your morning routine? Do you and your spouse drink coffee together before work?
  4. When do you and your spouse go to sleep?
  5. What are your and your spouse’s religious beliefs??
  6. Do you attend regular religious services together? If so, where?
  7. What did you both do this morning before coming to the interview?
  8. Does your spouse take any regular medications? Do they have any allergies?
  9. Who does the grocery shopping?
  10. Do you watch tv together? What’s your spouse’s favorite tv show?
  11. Does your spouse like sports? What is your spouse’s favorite sport?
  12. How many cars do you have?

Questions About Preparing Meals

  1. Who does most of the cooking?
  2. How often do you cook?
  3. What’s your spouse’s favorite breakfast food?
  4. What is your favorite restaurant? What is your spouse’s favorite restaurant?
  5. Do you have a restaurant where you typically celebrate special occasions, such as your spouse’s birthday?
  6. What is your spouse’s favorite food? What is their least favorite food?
  7. Do you have a barbecue grill? How often do you use it?
  8. Is your stove gas or electric?
  9. What did you and your spouse have for dinner last night?

Question About the Home

green card interview question
  1. Do you live in a home or an apartment?
  2. What is your current address?
  3. What color is your apartment or house?
  4. How long have you lived there?
  5. Does your apartment building have an elevator?
  6. Do you have a garage door opener?
  7. Do your cars fit in the garage?
  8. How much is your rent/mortgage every month?
  9. Which rooms have carpet?
  10. What color are your appliances?
  11. Does your refrigerator have ice trays?
  12. How many televisions do you have?
  13. Do you have a television in your bedroom?
  14. What size is your bed? Do you have a regular mattress?
  15. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
  16. How large is your apartment or house? Like how many bedrooms and etc.
  17. What color are the window coverings in your home? What about kitchen curtains?
  18. How many bathrooms do you have? How many sinks?
  19. What colors are the walls?
  20. Does your sofa have a pull-out bed?
  21. What is your nighttime routine? Do you watch tv before bed or read?
  22. What internet service do you have? Do you subscribe to any streaming services? Do you have cable service?

Holiday and Celebration Questions

  1. What is your spouse’s date of birth?
  2. Where did you celebrate your spouse’s last birthday?
  3. What gift did you give your spouse for his or her birthday?
  4. Do you honor religious holidays? How do you celebrate an important holiday?
  5. How did you celebrate last New Year’s Eve?

Immigration Status Questions

  1. What is your spouse’s immigration status in the United States (citizen or LPR)?
  2. What country’s citizenship does your spouse have?
  3. Does your spouse have work authorization?

Questions About the Interview Itself

  1. What did you and your spouse do today before arriving at the interview?
  2. What do you both have planned for the rest of the day?
  3. Did you arrive at the interview together?
  4. What documentation do you have to prove that you are living together?

Personal Information Questions

  1. Does your spouse have any tattoos?
  2. Does your spouse smoke?
  3. What color are your spouse’s eyes?
  4. Where does your spouse work? When did he or she start working there?
  5. What is your spouse’s salary?
  6. How much is your spouse paid monthly?
  7. What is your spouse’s work schedule? When does your spouse arrive home from work?
  8. What is your spouse’s phone number?
  9. Do you have any nicknames for your spouse?

Family History Questions

  1. What are your spouse’s parents’ names?
  2. What are your spouse’s siblings’ names?
  3. How often do you see your spouse’s family?
  4. Where do your spouse’s parents live? How long have they lived there?
  5. What is your spouse’s mother’s maiden name?

Military Status Questions

  1. Has your spouse served in the military? If so, are they currently serving in the military?
  2. Where did they serve in the military?
  3. Did your spouse serve in any conflict?
  4. What rank did your spouse have?
  5. Which unit was your spouse posted in?
  6. When did your spouse enter military service?

Travel Questions

examples of green card interview questions
  1. What places has your spouse traveled to?
  2. When did your spouse travel?
  3. How long was your spouse away from the United States?

Residential History Questions

  1. Where has your spouse lived?
  2. How long did your spouse live there?

Personal Character Questions

  1. Has your spouse ever claimed to be a U.S. citizen?
  2. Does your spouse believe in equality?
  3. What is your spouse’s political belief?
  4. Is your spouse a member of any organizations?

Legal and Criminal Record Questions

  1. Does your spouse have any prior criminal convictions?
  2. If so, what was he or she convicted of, and what were the circumstances?
  3. Does your spouse have any traffic tickets?

What Happens After the Green Card Interview?

examples of green card interview questions 2023

Following your marriage-based green card interview, the USCIS officer will approve or deny you in person. If your application is denied and marriage fraud is expected, the officer may request additional evidence and a second interview. If you are approved, the National Visa Center will process your approved application.

How Long Does a Green Card Interview Last?

The marriage-based green card interview will typically last between 15 to 20 minutes. Your green card interview will begin as soon as you enter the USCIS office. The demeanor of both parties will be observed from when you arrive to when you both leave. Upon arrival, you will both be placed in an interview room, and the interviewing officer will begin asking questions for you both to answer as individuals or as a couple.

Contact the Phoenix Immigration Lawyers at Ybarra Maldonado Law Group

If you and your spouse are preparing for your green card marriage interview, you will want a team of experienced Phoenix AZ lawyers on your side every step of the way. The green card process can be exhausting and overwhelming, so call the Ybarra Maldonado Law Group today to help you prepare for your interview. Our team of Phoenix immigration attorneys will answer any questions that you may have throughout the process. Call us today at (602)910-4040 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced immigration attorneys.

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