Alba Lopez Rivas

Senior Criminal Paralegal

Alba Lopez Rivas-headshot

Alba Lopez Rivas was born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Her elementary and secondary school education were completed in Guatemala. From a very young age she was introduced to English as a second language and developed a passion for the learning of this and other languages. In her teenage years, she had the opportunity of becoming a foreign exchange student and completed the senior year of high school in the U.S.A. After her return to her home country, she worked for many years as an administrative assistant for important corporations in Guatemala. Her love of languages, and in particular of the English language, motivated her to study translation and interpretation and she became a certified translator and interpreter for English and Spanish.

Motivated by her desire to work in a field that would focus more on helping those in a disadvantaged position, Alba applied for a job with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). During the following years, she had the opportunity of working for other United Nations agencies, among them UNICEF and the Word Food Programme (WFP).

A major change came for Alba when she and her husband moved to Arizona together with their young daughter. This brought again another shift in her occupation as she began working for Antonio Bustamante, a criminal law attorney. She worked for Mr. Bustamante’s Law Firm as a paralegal for 18 years and left when the attorney’s private practice was closed. A new opportunity then opened up for her as she began working for Ybarra Maldonado Law Group in 2019 as a paralegal in the criminal department.

Working in the legal environment, and especially for attorneys whose mission is helping the minorities, has become Alba’s real passion. She has discovered that through her work she can contribute to bringing justice to those who are discriminated against by society because of their race, skin color or cultural background.

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