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Arizona Supreme Court Victory-Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Our office was overjoyed to receive the news that we attained a positive result from the Arizona Supreme Court in the case of Mr. Nunez-Diaz. In 2013, Mr. Nunez-Diaz’s family came to our office distraught and angry. They felt they had been tricked and lied to by a local law firm. They recounted their story how they only signed up with the law firm of Alcock and Associates because they were told the criminal case would be resolved in a manner as to not negatively impact the immigration case. Instead, the exact opposite happened.

Mr. Nunez-Diaz’s attorney from Alcock and Associates told him to accept the plea offer and it would not have immigration consequences. In reality, the Alcock and Associates attorney was aware of the negative and severe immigration consequences and did not disclose this to Mr. Nunez-Diaz and his family. Instead, after they plead guilty they were informed by an immigration attorney at the same law firm that their was nothing that could be done because of what he plead guilty to. The family felt humiliated and deceived.

Our office took the case because we had heard numerous stories of Alcock attorneys misrepresenting our community. We saw a pattern of our community being lied to, only to get their money and then not have their cases adequately litigated. Many families have sat in our office in tears over how poorly their cases were handled by Alcock attorneys.

“Our office was proud to get this victory for Mr. Nunez-Diaz, his family, and our entire community,” said attorney Ray A. Ybarra Maldonado. “We continue to grow our services so that our community can have a law firm where they can come to and get an honest opinion about their case and the most vigorous representation possible. We hope to someday see an end to the law firms that abuse our community and hope to see them instead focus on serving our community.”

Telemundo Arizona produced a two-minute segment which features our attorney Juliana Manzanarez, our client, and his family. The segment is titled “Asesoria Legal Equivocada Resulta en Deportacion.”  We also received coverage from the Arizona Capitol Times, (State Supreme Court Gives Deported Man Second Chance at Trial), Prescott Daily Courier, (Arizona Supreme Court Allows Do-Over in Deportation Case), and the Eastern Arizona Courier, (New Trial for Deported Immigrant).

The full decision from the Arizona Supreme Court can be found here.



AZ Supreme Court victory

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