How Are You Resisting the Racist Trump Administration?

There is a higher law than the law of government. That’s the law of conscience. Stokely Carmichael

Over the last few weeks, the Trump administration has taken large strides to continue the oppression of immigrants from our southern borders. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced  in April and May of 2018  the “Zero Tolerance” policy. This “Zero Tolerance” Policy sees adults who try to cross the border, many of whom looked to seek asylum, be placed in custody facing criminal prosecution. Therefore, hundreds of children were forcibly removed from their parents and housed in detention centers.

There is no federal law that stipulates  children be separated from their parents at the border no matter how the families entered the United States of America.

During this absolute horrific violation of human rights, we’ve seen a great influx in resistance towards this administration and their racist agenda. Abogado Ray Ybarra Maldonado takes a moment during “Thursday Night Live with Abogado Ray” to engage those in our community in asking “What are you doing to resist the Sessions/Trump Administration?”

Abogado Ray shares:

“…You might feel like “I’m going to go into this depression and I’m not going to engage and I’m just going to check out and the world is horrible.” We have those feelings, and we have to acknowledge that those feelings inside of us are valid because for the past 500 years we’ve been getting punched in the face! And we’ve been getting told that we are inferior because of the color of our skin and now because of even the geography of where we’re coming from.

That’s a part of,  I hate to say it folks, it’s part of the DNA of the United States of America, and some people might get offended by that but that’s all I’m here to [do], speak my opinion to you and I think when you look at the inception of the country from the genocide of Native Americans to slavery to what we’re going through now, people are saying  “This is un-american,” no, this is American, this is our history and the only way we’re going to win this battle is by acknowledging that. That we’ve gone through some very dark times in this country and we, the people in power, have done some pretty horrific human rights violations and massacres to people of color because they feel that they’re superior and now it’s manifesting itself much more subtle and hidden way. The governments really coming at us and saying “It’s the law,” right? And they’re hiding under the color of the law, the “legality” of things. Or they’re trying to say “We’re not doing things because you’re brown, we’re doing things because it’s illegal to you, and everybody has adopted that terminology, but nonetheless, it still exists and that’s where it comes from. From this idea of white supremacy, from this idea that the “other” is inferior, is bad, and doesn’t belong here. And that’s still what we’re fighting against…”

Check out the entire video below!


It comes down to one thing: right is right and wrong is wrong. We have to learn from our country’s past mistakes and make better decisions moving forward. At the end of the day, when your great-great grandchildren look back in the history books, what side of history will they learn you were on?

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