Father of 12 Gets to Stay With Family


Keeping Families Together

By: Brenda G. Aguirre, Esq.

For many immigrant families fear of deportation is a daily painful reality. For those currently in deportation proceedings, the fear is even greater, because the U.S. government is actively pursuing deportation.

For one YMLG family the outcome was the right one: a father of 12 was recently granted administrative closure allowing him to stay with his wife and children.


This was a tremendous victory.  We were able to persuade the immigration judge to side with our client.  The immigration judge granted our client a reprieve from being ripped away from his children and wife when he granted him administrative closure.  His victory was hard-fought, and the outcome was worth it!

**Administrative closure is when the immigration court decides to set the person’s case to one side while it processes the thousands of other cases on the docket.

Administrative closure stops the deportation process and allows the individual to stay in the United States as long as their case is administratively closed, and as long as the person stays out of trouble. Immigration judges don’t just close anyone’s case administratively.  One must demonstrate to the court several factors including ties to the community, potential immigration relief, and whether or not the court should expend its resources pursuing the deportation of that particular individual.  Administrative closure has become very difficult to win, because of the current political climate. [:]

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